Alan Stacklin

Alan is the Director of Analytics at KPIT.  He is working with Automotive and Manufacturing companies to solve supply chain and engineering problems using analytics and cloud computing with the goal of finding the truth in big data.

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What I am Currently Doing.

For the past year I have been solving engineering problems with a focus on mining CAD files as a source of "Big Data".

The following solutions illustrate some of the problems I am currently solving with my team.

Regulatory Compliance

Reporting compliance at the product level by collecting and integrating Material Data into the PLM system.

Design Time Carbon Emission Estimation

Helping engineers create greener products by developing methods to estimate greenhouse gas emissions during the design of a part.

Inventory Reduction

Identifing inventory reduction opportunities by using feature data from CAD files to categorize and cluster similar parts.

Here are some of the problems I have solved:

Prior to working on engineering problems, I developed the following sourcing and suppply chain analytics solutions.

Direct Material Cost Reduction

Saving money by identifying overpriced suppliers across the direct materials supply base.

Supply Network Disruption

Minimizing supply network disruptions by identifying the impact when one or more nodes go off-line.

Capacity Planning

Minimizing future supply problems by estimating the five year capacity requirements at key suppliers in a multi-tier supply network.

Ton Mile Carbon Estimation

Minimizing carbon emissions by evaluating shipping distances for each part in the supply network.

Part Reuse

Maximizing part reuse by combining indexed CAD data with custom analytics and a commercial shopping cart to make it easier to find parts.

Here are some of the customers for whom I have created solutions: